Website privacy policy

The administration of the site (Administration) takes care of the rights of its visitors and registered users. It undertakes to protect any personal information provided by users.
Indication for both visitors and users.
Entering information on the site means consent to the processing of this data by the Administration. The purpose of data processing is to provide the best quality of service and individual service.
Each case of specifying contact information is a reason and automatic consent of the user or visitor for the Administration to contact him to establish the reasons for the incomplete order or offer a more profitable order option.

1. Contact Information
The administration can use the contact information specified in the profile in order to identify and personally contact the user of the site to resolve issues related to
The administration reserves the right to use information about the activities of users when planning technical and user improvements to the site.

2. Payments
The administration guarantees a secure and 100% secure payment process on the site. Payment instrument data is collected, sent, stored, processed, and confirmed by standard security servers, which are designed taking into account the peculiarities of storing payment type data.

3. Restrictions of use
Visitors and users of are prohibited from: 
The administration reserves the right to change and supplement the Privacy Policy to ensure the highest quality of the services of the online store.
In case of withdrawal for storage and processing of all personal data of the user, the data will be deleted from the website within 10 days from the date of receipt of the application.