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Delivery by FedEx in person to any city

All orders, goods and window films are delivered only by courier services. FedEx's extensive network allows deliveries to all cities on both coasts.  Company Window films online shop N1 guarantees the delivery of all purchased goods in complete safety.

Free shipping on orders of $140 or more

Free shipping is available for orders of $140 or more. If the order value is less than 140$, an additional fee of 14,30 $

Service convenience

The FedEx service offers a convenient experience for every customer. The ability to track the parcel, know the time and manage the delivery.

Delivery terms

Preparation of order takes 2-4 days - cutting and packaging.

Delivery takes around 3 to 7 days depending on location and distance from transport hubs.

Delivery guarantee

We guarantee safe and sound delivery. In case of damage to the packaging, please record and report.

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