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Discover a range of window tint options designed to cater to your specific needs. Our collection offers window tints in diverse colors and effects, all available for customization to your individual dimensions. 

With over 90 distinct models, each accompanied by detailed descriptions, comprehensive specifications, and authentic photos, finding the perfect match becomes effortless. Learn how to make the right choice, understand the possibilities, and master the art of maintenance. Let's dive in!

Window tint films transforming your glass

Revamp your glass's appearance and characteristics with our tint films. These films are easy to install and can be removed at your convenience. Choose from a variety of options, including rendering glass opaque, shielding against harsh sunlight and heat, reinforcing glass against intruders, crafting intricate patterns, or enabling one-way visibility. Our tint films are crafted from diverse materials, each yielding a unique effect.

Selecting the ideal glass tint film for your desired effect

Every window tint variant produces a distinctive effect, each developed with its own technology and specific properties. There's no one-size-fits-all solution! The right film for windows is chosen based on the specific task it needs to fulfill. For a comprehensive guide on selecting the ideal option, refer to the types of tint section on our website. We present you with the primary categories:

  • One-way privacy window film - Offering one-sided visibility to safeguard against prying eyes.
  • Frosted window film - Allowing light transmission while ensuring privacy.
  • Privacy window films - Creating varying levels of privacy protection.
  • Mirror tint - Different degrees of tinting for sun and heat protection.
  • Solar tint - Assorted colors and tint intensities.
  • Glass protection film for windows - Enhancing security and reinforcement.
  • Decorative window films - Featuring a wide range of patterns and designs.
  • Opaque window film - Tailored for different cases and types of glass.
  • 2-way window film - In silver and bronze hues.
  • Obscure glass film - Available in white and gray shades.
  • LLumar window tint - premium, professional-grade window films

We encourage you to learn more about all the different types of window tint and their uses.

The key advantages: simplicity and predictable effects

Our tint films are known for their user-friendly nature and reliable outcomes. They are offered in varying widths, and we provide the option to order pre-cut window tint films.

Avoiding common mistakes in selection

Dispelling the misconception that all glass tints are similar and deliver uniform results is crucial. It's these misinformed choices that often lead to complaints and unsatisfactory experiences. Making the right selection is vital for achieving desired outcomes with your window tint. Here are a few mistakes to steer clear of:

  • Assuming that frosted film protects against heat. It lacks a metallic layer for reflecting solar warmth.
  • Believing that sun protection films safeguard against debris. Their thickness and adhesive differ from safety films.

Quality and Attributes of Window Film Tint

High-quality glass tint films maintain visual clarity, unobstructed views, and are easy on the eyes. With a thickness starting from 50 micrometers, they are user-friendly and durable. Comprehensive technical data confirms their adherence to standards, making them suitable for professional use across various settings.

We offer our customers tinting of different levels

We have a complete offer, you can get 15%,5%, 70% films and many others from us. See the full range on the window tint percent page.

Not Offered to Our Clients

Defining quality tinting is essential. Let's outline the characteristics of subpar window films:

  • Clouded transparency, resembling dirty glass due to low-quality or recycled materials.
  • Excessively thin films with reduced lifespan and installation challenges.
  • Poorly reflective films resulting in minimal heat reduction.
  • Weak adhesive leading to detachment over time.
  • Absence of complete technical specifications.

Service Life and Technical Specifications of Window Film

We offer long-lasting professional window films:

  • Indoor window tint films endure for 9 years or more.
  • Exterior tint film maintain integrity for over 4 years. Vertical windows see up to 5 years. Exterior window film longevity depends on specific conditions, with a variance of approximately 1 year.

After their specified service life, these films don't vanish; they gradually deteriorate while still functioning. Natural wear accounts for a decline of around 10% to 20% per annum.

Technical Data for Informed Decisions

Our professional tint films come with comprehensive technical data. Numerical values highlight the effects and capabilities of the films. Key indicators include:

  • Visible Light Reflection (VLR) percentage
  • Visible Light Transmission (VLT) 
  • Infrared (IR) rejection percentage
  • Ultraviolet (UV) rejection percentage
  • Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER) percentage
  • Thickness in micrometers (MKM)
  • And more

Technical data empowers effective product comparison and offers insight into potential effects.

Choose and Order window tint films

Experience the convenience of multi-layered, self-adhesive glass film that transforms your windows' properties. Easily applicable and removable without glass disassembly, these films require minimal tools and skills. Enjoy the rewarding process of enhancing your windows and living space. We offer the most complete service. Learn more about our tint shop and what we offer

Made from environmentally friendly polyester, the base material is lightweight and safe. It's non-toxic, even when heated, and flame-resistant. With its self-adhesive layer, altering your glass's properties is swift and cost-effective.

For a full cost breakdown and detailed benefits, explore the window tint cost section on our website. Choose and order your window film today!

Model: 12 Mil Security Film
12 Mil Security Window FilmElevate your security and peace of mind with our 12 Mil Security Window Film, a premier choice for comprehensive protection against break-ins, burglaries, and vandalism. Tailored for expansive windows, this film is an essential upgrade for homes, offices, and commercial sp..
Ex Tax:$5.83
Model: 3m squeegees
3m squeegees is the most popular instrument3m squeegees - place an order with us and get a squeegee as a gift. Universal tool for working with different types of films. Very popular tool with very wide application.3m gold squeegee has a neutral hardness, suitable for small jobs and all kinds of film..
Ex Tax:$5.00
Model: 4 mil Safety film
4 mil Clear Safety Window Filmlevate the safety and aesthetics of your environment with our premium Cristal -4 mil Clear Safety Window Film. This top-tier film is expertly designed to reinforce glass surfaces, offering unparalleled protection against breakage and hazardous shards. It also serve..
Ex Tax:$3.72
Model: 8mil Security and Protection Film
8mil Security Window FilmWe are excited to offer the 8mil security window film, a superior solution for reinforcing your windows and glass against break-ins and damage. Ideal for medium-sized glass surfaces, this film is an essential defense against burglaries and theft. Compliant with P1A strength ..
Ex Tax:$4.79
Model: Bronze Ex 20
Buy Bronze EX 20 Exterior Mirror Window FilmIntroducing Bronze EX 20 - Bronze Mirror Films for Windows. Experience the ultimate in window film technology with our Bronze EX 20 bronze-colored exterior film. This isn't just any window film; it's a state-of-the-art, bronze-tinted mirror film that bring..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Bronze Ex 35
Buy Bronze EX 35 - Semi-Mirror Light Tint Film 35Select and order Bronze AT 35 EX bronze semi-mirror window 35 tint film. Free cutting to customer's size. Minimum cost $4, delivery throughout the US.Order non-dark bronze mirror tint film 35 percentVery effective, protects from solar heat by 60%..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Excellence Gold 60
Excellence Gold 60..
Ex Tax:$5.51
Model: Free additional piece
Get a Window Film Fragment with Each OrderWe've got an awesome bonus for people who shop with us. If you buy something from our online store, you get an extra free sample of a window film that's a lot like the one you bought. This means you can actually touch the window film and test how it works wi..
Ex Tax:$0.00
Model: Frosted film Solo 002
SOLO 002 Series – Frosted Films for Glass and WindowsElevate the ambiance of your interiors with our top-selling frosted window films, the Solo 002, now bundled with a complimentary installation toolkit and specialized adhesive solution. This film is affordably priced at $4.49 per square foot, offer..
Ex Tax:$4.49
Model: Free window tint tool kit
Large Tool Kit Included with Every Window Film OrderWith each order, we automatically include glass tinting tools. For larger orders, we add a comprehensive tool kit and mounting concentrate. Utilizing specialized tools ensures the fastest and highest quality window tinting process.Please NoteAt our..
Ex Tax:$0.00
Brand: LLumar Model: LLumar ATR 05 Metallic Car Film
LLumar ATR 05 Metallic Car Window Tint FilmThe ATR series of window tint films was developed to achieve even better performance in terms of solar energy reduction, ensuring an enhanced level of comfort for car travelers. The use of high-quality polyester in the production of the film has resulted in..
Ex Tax:$20.00
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