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Window protection film

Window protection film

Protective window films are an innovative solution designed to reinforce and safeguard various glass surfaces such as windows, mirrors, and more. These transparent, multi-layered films come in different thicknesses to suit diverse needs. Not only do they strengthen glass against break-ins and intrusion, but they also serve as a safety measure by preventing shattering and protecting against glass fragments in case of breakage.

These films are ideal for residential apartments, private homes, commercial properties, and a variety of public buildings and institutions.

Technical Characteristics of Protective Window Films:

  • Constructed from highly durable polyester with a multi-layer structure.
  • Completely transparent, maintaining the natural appearance of your windows.
  • Equipped with a strong adhesive for lasting application.
  • Thicker and more tear-resistant compared to other window tinting types.

Fabricated with Adherence to Exacting Safety Norms:

Our selection of window films is meticulously crafted, aligning with comprehensive safety benchmarks, prominently including standards like EN12600 and EN356. This adherence underscores our commitment to delivering products that are not only effective but also reliably safe for various applications.

Strategically Segmented According to Material Density:

Our array of window films is intelligently divided, taking into account the density of the base material. This systematic segmentation facilitates precise and tailored choices for customers, ensuring they find the perfect fit for their specific needs and environments.

Top Five Varieties of Protective Window Films

The functionality of protective window films is influenced by their thickness, which divides them into three broad types:

  1. Safety Glass Film for Windows: Enhances glass strength and offers shard protection.
  2. Security Window Film: Dense, multi-layered films designed for superior security enhancement
  3. Shatterproof Glass Film: Provides robust protection against glass breakage.
  4. Anti-Graffiti Film: Shields surfaces from artistic expressions.
  5. Hurricane Window Film: Strengthens glass to withstand natural calamities.

Marking and Labeling of Protective Window Films:

These protective films are gauged in Mil, a universally recognized unit of measurement. The thickness is directly proportional to the film's durability and protective capacity, influencing the price. Notable variants in our lineup are the 4 mil film for standard protection, the more robust 8 mil security film, and the ultra-thick 12 mil security window film.

Self-Adhesive Properties:

Every product in our protective glass film collection comes with a self-adhesive layer, simplifying the installation process. To achieve the best outcome, it's recommended to use a dedicated mounting solution and specific tools designed for this purpose. For comprehensive guidance, please visit the self-adhesive window tint film section on our website.

Other Types of Protective Films:

It's important to note that the term window protection film encompasses a broader range. Sun protection window films or UV window tinting also fall under this category, offering a different type of protection.

Model: 12 Mil Security Film
12 Mil Security Window FilmElevate your security and peace of mind with our 12 Mil Security Window Film, a premier choice for comprehensive protection against break-ins, burglaries, and vandalism. Tailored for expansive windows, this film is an essential upgrade for homes, offices, and commercial sp..
Ex Tax:$5.83
Model: 4 mil Safety film
4 mil Clear Safety Window Filmlevate the safety and aesthetics of your environment with our premium Cristal -4 mil Clear Safety Window Film. This top-tier film is expertly designed to reinforce glass surfaces, offering unparalleled protection against breakage and hazardous shards. It also serve..
Ex Tax:$3.72
Model: 8mil Security and Protection Film
8mil Security Window FilmWe are excited to offer the 8mil security window film, a superior solution for reinforcing your windows and glass against break-ins and damage. Ideal for medium-sized glass surfaces, this film is an essential defense against burglaries and theft. Compliant with P1A strength ..
Ex Tax:$4.79
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