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Privacy window films

Privacy window films - different films, different effect

Privacy window films - films of different colors and different effects for protection from prying eyes. Large selection of privacy films for windows and detailed information. We offer a wide range of films with different effects.

The films effectively protect against unwanted glances and make the glass opaque. are installed directly on the glass without any fasteners and do not interfere with windows and doors. Why is privacy window film so popular?

If neighbors from the house opposite or people passing by look into the windows, the films will very effectively help solve this problem. Privacy films can create different levels of privacy for windows.

We add a mounting solution and an installation tool to each order. This is a bonus!

9 different types of privacy window films - what's the best choice?

We offer more than 30 different privacy films for windows for a variety of occasions and solutions. According to its effect can be divided into 9 categories. The level of privacy and the degree of protection in the daytime and at night is different. Carefully study the properties of privacy control window film and side effects

  1. Frosted privacy window film - white, gray or bronze. They let in light, but remove visibility in both directions.
  2. privacy window film see out not in - transparent inside and outside impenetrable
  3. one way privacy window film - or one way visibility effect
  4. day and night privacy window film or 24 hour privacy window film - great solution for any time of the day.
  5. privacy window film that lets light in - very popular solution.
  6. striped privacy window film - with stripes of different widths
  7. mirror privacy window film - bronze and silver color of different intensity
  8. decorative privacy window - with different patterns
  9. blackout privacy window film black or white, completely blocking visibility in both directions.
  10. night privacy window film -

Privacy window films are made from different materials and create different effects. It is very important to choose the right film and take into account their features.

We offer the opportunity to order custom cut window privacy film. A convenient opportunity to obtain a film of the desired dimensions according to individual dimensions. No left over cuts.

The main advantages of privacy film for windows

Based on experience, we can highlight the most important

  1. A wide range of colors for individual choice
  2. Different effect and different degree of privacy
  3. Easy to install. All films have an adhesive layer and are classified as self adhesive window privacy films, easy to install with a mounting solution and a tool.
  4. If necessary, privacy films can be easily removed from a window or glass
  5. Predictable effect
  6. Long service life, indoor installation 9 years or more.
  7. Not afraid of moisture and dampness
  8. Can be washed, does not require special care.

Window privacy film - main mistakes when choosing

Attention!! It is a misconception that all window privacy films are similar and almost the same. It is the wrong type of film that is the cause of dissatisfaction.  

What is quality window film privacy

High-quality window film for privacy has a thickness of 50 microns, it is easy to work with and lasts a long time. The presence of detailed technical data indicates compliance with the standards in the manufacture and the ability to use in the work of professionals at different sites. 

Signs of poor quality window privacy film

  • Very, very thin. A thin film serves less, dries quickly and burns out. Such a film is more difficult to stick.
  • Weak glue. As with all privacy glass films, the strength of the adhesive matters a lot.
  • Lack of technical data or their scarcity. This rule works for all window films.

The most complete window privacy film service

Large selection, the ability to find out the cost without registration. Read more in the buy privacy window film section. No hidden fees. Our website contains real photos of film for window privacy and a detailed description. Availability of goods is up to date.

Model: Bronze Ex 20
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