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Solar film

Solar Window Film

Solar window films represent a significant advancement in window treatments, designed to provide protection and energy efficiency. With variations like bronze, silver, and transparent films, these products are engineered to effectively block and reflect the sun's heat, ensuring a more temperate indoor environment.

Our comprehensive range offers solar tint films with varying light transmission percentages, designed to meet specific requirements. The selection encompasses:

How Solar Window Tint Films Operate

  • Key Differentiators among Solar Tint Films
  • Technical Parameters of solar control window film

The Functionality of Solar Window Tint Films

Solar window films function as adhesive layers applied to windows, mitigating the influx of UV rays through the glass. Multiple types exist, each boasting distinct attributes like heightened privacy or amplified energy efficiency. These treatments work by reflecting, absorbing, and dispersing sunlight, reducing the intensity of heat and glare inside spaces.

Advantages of Solar Window Films

Adopting sun-blocking and tint films can yield several benefits:

  • UV Protection: Solar films shield against harmful UV rays, preserving skin, furnishings, and floors.
  • Energy Efficiency: By deflecting a portion of solar heat, these coatings can lessen the reliance on air conditioning, resulting in energy savings and decreased expenses.
  • Decorative Versatility: Solar films come in diverse styles, shades, and patterns, enabling a match with existing architectural aesthetics.

Additional advantages include:

  • Reflecting up to 80% of solar heat.
  • Diminishing sunlight brightness by 70%.
  • User-friendly application and removal process.

Solar control window film varieties

Solar window films evolve continually, with newer versions offering enhanced benefits. Some primary categories include:

  • Dyed
  • Metalized solar tint film
  • Ceramic
  • Hybrid
  • Mirrored (with assorted colors and shades) 
  • Each category has specific mechanisms and optimal use cases.

We have a wide range of tinting for various purposes; a complete description can be found on the website's page at window tint film.

Technical Considerations of Solar Window Film

The efficacy of solar tinting films hinges on their light transmission, measured in VLT% (Visible Light Transmission). For instance, a 20% VLT is darker compared to a 35% VLT. Each manufacturer offers with distinct metrics, dictating the potential impact. 

Typically, the darker the tint, the stronger its ability to block heat. However, choosing a very dark tint could significantly diminish interior brightness.

Comparing Indoor vs. Outdoor Solar Window Film

Outdoor solar films typically surpass indoor films in effectiveness by 15-25%. Yet, exterior solar window film have a shorter lifespan due to exposure to climatic elements. The choice between indoor and outdoor films should be tailored to specific needs.

We extend a diverse color palette:

TOP10 sun blocking window film Selections

When making a choice, window dimensions are critical. Wider windows often demand darker films. Some top recommendations include:

  1. Strata 10: This dark silver variant represents the pinnacle of sun-blocking efficiency.
  2. Strata 20: A 20% mirrored version designed for indoor use, combining protection with visual appeal.
  3. Strata 35: Light silver in hue, offering a moderate balance of sun shielding.
  4. Strata Ex 20: An outdoor mirrored coating optimized for external exposure
  5. Strata Ex 35: For outdoors, this sun blocking window film ensures sun protection with 35% light transmission.
  6. Bronze EX 20: A bronze shade, merging sun protection with visual allure.
  7. Bronze EX 30: A lighter bronze version permitting a generous 65% light entry.
  8. Gold L 40: Radiating a light gold hue, this coating seamlessly blends beauty with practicality.

Navigating the vast expanse of solar window technology, our window film shop uniquely combines innovation with tailored solutions. We offer our patrons the option of custom size window film, complemented with window tint tools as a gift for an enhanced experience.

It's pivotal to understand that solar films, across various manufacturers, have diverse specifications. Typically, a denser sun control window film offers better heat insulation. However, the darkest variants might reduce natural light ingress, a factor worth considering during selection.

Elevating our commitment

our partnership with FedEx ensures swift deliveries, extending beyond state lines. In blending science with smart marketing, we stand out in the sun control arena.

Solar tint films find application across:

  1. Residential Spaces: These treatments are vital in cutting energy costs, protecting furnishings, and enhancing privacy. Read more in the solar film for home section of the site.
  2. Commercial Establishments: For businesses, these coatings enhance energy efficiency, reduce glare, and increase privacy.
  3. Marine Environments: Boats and marine crafts can utilize these coatings to diminish UV exposure, protecting both passengers and the vessel itself.

We pride ourselves on quality products at competitive prices. For detailed pricing, please explore the sun control film price category. Our partnership with FedEx ensures timely deliveries across all states and internationally.

Model: Bronze Ex 20
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Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Bronze Ex 35
Buy Bronze EX 35 - Semi-Mirror Light Tint Film 35Select and order Bronze AT 35 EX bronze semi-mirror window 35 tint film. Free cutting to customer's size. Minimum cost $4, delivery throughout the US.Order non-dark bronze mirror tint film 35 percentVery effective, protects from solar heat by 60%..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Excellence Gold 60
Excellence Gold 60..
Ex Tax:$5.51
Model: Strata 20%-20 " x1 ft
Strata 20% - Width 20 InchesIntroducing the Strata 20% mirror film, a compact solution for small windows and glass panels. At just 20 inches in width, this film is specially designed for tight spaces, offering the same high-quality protection as its larger counterparts. It effectively blocks 75..
Ex Tax:$2.53
Model: Strata 20%-30 " x1 ft
Buy Strata 20% mirror window films - Width 30 InchThe Strata 20% mirror film, at a width of 30 inches, strikes the perfect balance between coverage and adaptability. Fashioned for mid-sized apertures, this veneer finds favor in both domiciliary and mercantile environments. Its utility transcends mer..
Ex Tax:$3.77
Model: Strata 20%-40 " x1 ft
Buy Strata 20% Mirror Window Films - Width 40 InchThe Strata 20% mirror film with a 40-inch width is an ideal choice for expansive windows and glass surfaces. This variant is especially suitable for large, floor-to-ceiling windows or spaces with several large windows, such as in modern homes or offi..
Ex Tax:$5.02
Model: Strata 20% Сut to size
Buy silver mirror film Strata 20Embark on a Journey of Sophistication with Strata 20 Silver Mirror Window Film - Starting at Just $2! Offering free delivery across the USA, this premium film is tailored to your exact window measurements, ensuring a perfect match and effortless elegance.Precisely Tai..
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Model: Strata 35
Order Strata 35% window film at a great priceBuy mirror film 35% + tool + mounting solution as a gift. Free cutting to customer's size. Select and order online Strata 35% window mirror film for interior installation. Light reflective film with 65% light transmission and 60% solar heat reflection. No..
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Model: Strata EX 35
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film -For External UseIntroducing the Strata EX 35 semi-mirrored sun protection film, an advanced solution perfectly blending aesthetic elegance with functional efficiency. This product is a top choice for enhancing spaces with a window treatment that offers a harmonious m..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Strata Ex 20
Strata EX 20 -Exterior Mirror FilmEnhance Your Space with Strata EX 20 Step up your exterior design with the Strata EX 20 Mirror Film. This silver-toned mirror film is more than an aesthetic addition; it's a functional asset for any outdoor area. Offering a range of features from enhancing privacy t..
Ex Tax:$4.60
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