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Exterior reflective film

Exterior reflective film 

Exterior reflective window film is available in bronze and silver colors. We offer both dark and light reflective films for external installation on all types of windows. You will find the most comprehensive descriptions and detailed recommendations for selecting the right films.

Installing exterior reflective window film is a smart choice that can provide numerous benefits. Let's explore the advantages of exterior reflective window film, how it works, the various types available, and how to choose the perfect film for your space.

What is exterior reflective window film? 

Exterior reflective window film is composed of a thin layer of metalized or ceramic material that is meticulously applied to the surface of the glass. This unique coating enables the film to exhibit remarkable reflective properties. When sunlight encounters the film, it is skillfully redirected, preventing it from penetrating the glass and entering the interior space.

The degree to which heat and light are reflected largely depends on the precise composition and thickness of the film. In fact, the properties of exterior films align with those of window reflective films. While they operate on a similar principle, there are differences between them.

Effectiveness of reflective window films that are installed externally

It should be noted that exterior reflective window films are more effective than their counterparts for indoor installation. The reason is the same as for all exterior films and it is due to their special characteristic.

Any window film creates some level of heat buildup on the glass surface. However, when selecting a film for exterior use, the entire heat buildup occurs solely on the outer glass. This results in an efficiency gain of around 15-20%, depending on the specific model.

The main objective of exterior reflective window film is to effectively reflect a significant portion of solar heat and harmful ultraviolet radiation while allowing visible light to pass through.

We offer a choice of

  1. Strata Ex 20 - silver film for outdoor use
  2. Strata Ex 35 - light colored reflective film for outdoor use
  3. Bronze EX 20 - bronze colored reflective film
  4. Bronze EX 35 - light bronze reflective film

We have the most complete range of silver reflective film, all blackout grades -10%, 20% and 35%. You can also order high reflectivity window film with delivery to anywhere in the US and far beyond.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:

Installing exterior reflective window film is a straightforward process that can be done by professionals or even as a DIY project. The film is applied directly to the exterior surface of the windows and adheres securely, creating a durable and long-lasting solution. Additionally, maintenance is minimal, requiring only regular cleaning with non-abrasive materials to keep the film looking its best.

Why ordering film from us is advantageous

In our online store, we provide the most comprehensive service. We offer the widest range of reflective films for exterior installation. You have the option to order custom size window film and receive window tint tools as a complimentary addition.

Our window film shop collaborates with FedEx for delivery across the entire US territory and even beyond.

Why Exterior Reflective Window Film is the Smart Choice for Your Home or Office

In conclusion, exterior reflective window film is a smart choice for enhancing the performance, privacy, and aesthetics of your home or office windows. With its properties of reducing heat and glare, providing UV protection, enhancing security, and offering a sleek appearance, it offers numerous advantages over other window treatments.

By selecting the right type of film based on your specific needs and preferences and following proper maintenance practices, you can enjoy the benefits of exterior reflective window film for years to come. While the upfront cost should be considered, the long-term savings in energy costs and preservation of interior furnishings make it a worthwhile investment. The capabilities of heat reducing window film are very similar, and the recommendations for choosing are also quite similar.

Whether you're looking to improve the functionality of your office space or enhance the comfort and appearance of your home, exterior reflective window film is the smart choice that fulfills all your requirements.

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