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Window tint tools

Window tint tools

Get window tint tools for free. We offer a professional tool for working with window films, more than 100 items. The ability to choose, order or receive free of charge along with the ordered film.

High-quality window film installation tools from different manufacturers for working with films for various purposes.

Window tinting tools for different films

Films for glass are quite a specific product and are fragile. All manufacturers recommend using special window tinting tools without fail.

Undeniable advantages

  • avoid scratches on the film
  • install film for windows without bubbles
  • significantly reduce the likelihood of getting creases on the film
  • high-quality installation ensures a long service life of the film

Choose the right glass tinting tool and use it within the guidelines.

The window tinting tool is made of special materials (soft and hard plastic, fluoroplastic, silicone) and reduces the chance of damaging and scratching the film. For quality work, it is necessary to maintain the tool in the appropriate condition. Protect work surfaces from damage.

All offered tools are designed for repeated use and glass tinting.

Tinted windows tools - get free

We provide our customers with window tint tools and mounting solution for installing the film purchased from us. We provide the opportunity to get the tool for free.

Depending on the size of the order, we add one of the options to each size

  1. Small window tint tool kit - mounting squeegee and mounting solution
  2. Large window tint tool kit - squeegee with handle, knife, small squeegee and mounting solution

More details about all possible options and list of available tint tools kits

Different categories of glass tinting tools

We regularly add and maintain 8 categories of tools for professional and independent work

  • window tint squeegee - different widths and degrees of hardness
  • scraperite - for film removal and surface preparation
  • knifes - different widths and different uses
  • window film cutter - for safe film cutting
  • auto window tint tools - a special tool for working with films for cars

We offer tools assembled in kits for the intended purpose

  • window tint tools kit
  • window tint squeegee

Our company is window film supplies and window tint accessories supplier for every customer.

Model: 3m squeegees
3m squeegees is the most popular instrument3m squeegees - place an order with us and get a squeegee as a gift. Universal tool for working with different types of films. Very popular tool with very wide application.3m gold squeegee has a neutral hardness, suitable for small jobs and all kinds of film..
Ex Tax:$5.00
Model: Free additional piece
Get a Window Film Fragment with Each OrderWe've got an awesome bonus for people who shop with us. If you buy something from our online store, you get an extra free sample of a window film that's a lot like the one you bought. This means you can actually touch the window film and test how it works wi..
Ex Tax:$0.00
Model: Free window tint tool kit
Large Tool Kit Included with Every Window Film OrderWith each order, we automatically include glass tinting tools. For larger orders, we add a comprehensive tool kit and mounting concentrate. Utilizing specialized tools ensures the fastest and highest quality window tinting process.Please NoteAt our..
Ex Tax:$0.00
Model: Small window tint tool kit - Get for Free
Small Tool Kit - 3M Squeegee PA-1 + Mounting ConcentrateWith every order, we include the necessary tools and a mounting concentrate, tailored to the size of your purchase. For smaller orders, we add a compact tool set.Free and Precise Custom Cutting ServiceWe offer complimentary custom cutting for w..
Ex Tax:$0.00
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