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Frosted film сut to size

Frosted Window Film Cut to Size

Frosted window film cut to size - we offer free cutting to individual sizes. Transform your windows with our custom-sized frosted window film! At our online store, we offer a free cutting service to ensure a perfect fit for your windows. 

Simply provide us with your measurements, and we'll deliver ready-to-install frosted film pieces, without any waste or unnecessary trimming.

But that's not all

We also include a bonus mounting solution and tool with every order, making the installation process even easier. Our frosted window film not only adds a stylish touch to your space, but also provides privacy and blocks unwanted sunlight.

Shop now and experience the convenience of our custom-sized frosted window film.

Specify the dimensions in inches, for example:

It's very simple. Enter the dimensions in inches and the quantity of the required pieces, for example:

  • Height - 20 20/32" 
  • Width - 45 15/32"

Free Cutting to Individual Sizes

Our self-adhesive frosted window films can easily be ordered online by selecting the required dimensions in inches and quantity of pieces. We offer films that are already cut to the required sizes, which minimizes the cost of installation and adjustment. Additionally, we offer a maximum size of pieces on one side - 110 inches

We offer the following models of frosted window films:

  • Stella Milk - our most popular option, a smooth texture frosted film in a pure white (milky) color.
  • Stella - a matte, smooth frosted film in a white-gray color. This film is a great choice for those who want a slightly gray color or for those who find pure white unsuitable.
  • Matte Bronze - a light bronze frosted film, which gives an elegant touch to your windows.
  • Frosted Vinyl Film - a nearly smooth frosted film with a frosted glass effect.
  • Gray Matte Film KPMF- a matte, gray film with a light grainy effect.

Moreover, buying frosted window film that is already cut to size is very convenient, as it reduces the time and cost of installation. It simply applies to the window and can be easily removed and replaced at any time.

Thus, purchasing frosted window film that has been cut to size is an advantageous and convenient solution for those who want to enjoy the benefits of such film while minimizing the cost of installation and setup.

How to measure 

for ordering frosted glass film cut to size or how to take measurements

  • If you don't want to trim the film on site, we recommend ordering the window film pieces slightly smaller in size. 
  • If you want to trim the film on site, but don't want to pay for extra trimming, then you should order the film pieces in a larger size with a small allowance for trimming. 

More information about sizing, our offerings, and custom-cut window films can be found in the made to measure window film section.

Custom frosted window film" is used in various places, including

One of the most popular uses for pre-cut frosted window film is to add privacy to bathroom windows. With its frosted appearance, this type of film provides a shield from prying eyes without compromising natural light. It's a great way to maintain your privacy while still allowing ample sunlight to flow into your bathroom. A very popular solution is frosted door film. Films are available in different shades, such as frosted white window film. These films have a very wide scope, we advise you to learn more about frosted window tint.

Another great use for pre-cut frosted window film is to create a stylish and elegant feature piece in your living room. You can add a touch of sophistication to your windows with intricate designs and patterns, creating an artistic look that is both practical and visually appealing. You may be interested in a solution with ready-made strips, for example striped frosted window film.

Custom frosted window film - why is it advantageous?

In our online shop, we're all about delivering top-notch pre-cut frosted window film that's a breeze to put up and keep looking good. We use materials that are tough and built to last, so you won't see any fading, peeling, or bubbling as time goes by.

Pre-cut frosted window film is an awesome pick for bumping up your windows' privacy and style without having to swap out the whole window. It's an easy and wallet-friendly way to give your regular windows that cool frosted glass appearance. Our store has a wide array of pre-cut frosted window films for you to browse, making it easy to find just the right one for your windows.

You may be interested to know that

At our web shop, we get how crucial fast and dependable delivery is. That's why we zip your pre-cut frosted window film to you super quick. This way, you can enjoy your updated windows in no time.

We don't just stop at quick shipping. We also have great prices and make shopping online a breeze.

Through our user-friendly website, you can buy frosted glass film from anywhere in the US and get it right to your door.

Try out our pre-cut frosted window film today. You'll notice a big change in how your space looks and feels.

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