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Frosted film Solo 002-Сut to size
Frosted film Solo 002-Сut to size
Frosted film Solo 002-Сut to size
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  • Model: Frosted film Solo 002
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Frosted films for glass and windows at a bargain price

Order frosted window films Solo 022 + bonus tool and mounting solution. Attention!! The price is per square inch and is $0.03. Very popular model frosted effect window film for different occasions. This film transmits light very well and removes visibility, protects from prying eyes.

We offer

  1. Order frosted window film cut to size - just fill in inches
  2. Favorable price in dollars
  3. Bonus installation tool
  4. Bonus mounting solution for installing vinyl frosted window film

A popular and purchased film, it is used for

  • Glass and windows in bathrooms and showers
  • On internal and external glass (Frosted films are an excellent and practical solution)
  • On entrance doors
  • Glass partitions and interior doors
  • On the windows of utility and technical rooms

Frosted tinted window film looks good in private homes, offices, sports and medical facilities.

The film has an adhesive layer, is considered self-adhesive and can be easily installed on a soap-water solution. If necessary, it can be easily removed without harm to the glass surface.

Order frosted vinyl for windows cut to size

We offer our customers and everyone who wants to buy window film for glass and windows in a convenient form - parts ready for installation. Just indicate the dimensions and the required number of parts.

Frost film recommendations

  • After installing vinyl frosted film on a glass or window, it takes time to dry completely, usually 7-14 days depending on the weather and season
  • The film has a protective layer 2H, but protect the film from mechanical impact and metal objects.
  • If necessary, frosted effect glass film can be washed with household chemicals using soft sponges or rubber mops.

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