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Frosted film Solo 002-Сut to size
Frosted film Solo 002-Сut to size
Frosted film Solo 002-Сut to size
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  • Model: Frosted film Solo 002
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SOLO 002 Series – Frosted Films for Glass and Windows

Elevate the ambiance of your interiors with our top-selling frosted window films, the Solo 002, now bundled with a complimentary installation toolkit and specialized adhesive solution.

This film is affordably priced at $4.49 per square foot, offering an elegant frosted appearance suitable for a variety of places. It balances privacy with the benefit of letting natural light in.

What We Offer:

  1. Custom-Cut Service: Provide us with your measurements in inches, and we'll tailor the frosted window film to your exact specifications.
  2. Exceptional Value: Our pricing is in US dollars, ensuring you get the best deal.
  3. Complimentary Installation Tool: Enhance your DIY experience with our bonus tool.
  4. Free Mounting Solution: Receive a bonus adhesive solution for seamless installation of your vinyl frosted window film.

Ideal for Numerous Applications:

  • Bathroom and Shower Glass
  • Internal and External Glass Surfaces (A practical, stylish choice)
  • Entrance Doors
  • Glass Partitions and Internal Doors
  • Windows in Utility and Technical Spaces

Our frosted tinted window film is a popular choice for private homes, corporate offices, sports complexes, and medical facilities, adding a touch of elegance and privacy.

Product Features:

  • Self-Adhesive: The film comes with an adhesive layer for easy, soap-water solution application.
  • Damage-Free Removal: Can be removed effortlessly without damaging the glass surface.

Convenient Purchasing Options: Select the desired dimensions and quantity, and we'll prepare your window film, ready for installation.

Care Instructions:

  • Allow 7-14 days for the film to dry completely post-installation, varying with weather and season.
  • The film is protected with a 2H layer but should be safeguarded from mechanical damage and metal objects.
  • Cleanable with standard household cleaners using soft sponges or rubber mops.
  • Transform your glass and windows with our elegant, easy-to-use frosted films.

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