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Get a Window Film Fragment with Each Order

We've got an awesome bonus for people who shop with us. If you buy something from our online store, you get an extra free sample of a window film that's a lot like the one you bought. This means you can actually touch the window film and test how it works without having to put it on a window first.

The additional fragment allows you to:

  • Conduct a trial tinting on glass
  • Become acquainted with the glass tinting technology
  • Personally remove the protective liner of the window film
  • See how it fits on the glass
  • Feel confident before installing your pieces
  • Make adjustments and refine your actions

This is a complimentary opportunity to try your hand and practice before working with the main window film details.

The main advantage of our online window tinting shop: 

Free custom cutting of window film and the opportunity to receive precision window tint. Note, dimensions can be specified in whole and fractional inches. This precise cutting is accomplished using a CNC plotter.

Automatically added to your cart upon placing an order: 

We've tailored our online store system to be very user-friendly. A free window film fragment is added to your cart with its price set to $0. This becomes part of the order and is displayed on the order sheet.

Free Tools for Glass Tinting 

And it's clearly displayed; depending on the size of the order, either a large set of free tools or a small toolkit is added to every order.

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