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One way privacy window film

One way privacy window film in detail and with examples

One way privacy window film 20% or 35%, silver or bronze. 6 different privacy window film one way options, full details and detailed description. These films create the effect of one-way visibility. They are mirror-like on the outside and transparent on the inside!

Day and night different effect

Yes! One way window privacy film in the daytime and at night create the opposite effect and work differently. These films reflect towards more light. In other words, during the day, in one direction, and at night in the other

  1. If it is lighter outside than inside, one way privacy window film mirrors towards the street and is transparent from the inside.
  2. If it is light in the room, and it is evening or dark outside, the film mirrors towards the room and is transparent from the street. The light changes - the direction of visibility also changes

It's important to know! In the evening and at night, when the direction of the light changes, the effect of specularity and transparency will also change direction. It is necessary to use curtains or blinds as an addition, or to adjust the light intensity from different sides of the film. THERE ARE NO OTHER window films, all 1 way privacy window films have this effect.

A simple neighbor example

If you stick one way privacy film on the kitchen windows that overlook the neighbor's courtyard. During the day, it will not be visible from the street what is happening inside. When a neighbor looks at the windows of your kitchen, the windows will be like a mirror, but everything that your neighbor is doing on the street will be visible from the inside!

In the evening and at night, when it is dark outside, and the lights are turned on inside the kitchen, everything will be the other way around. A neighbor from the street will see what is happening in the kitchen, but you will not see anything from the inside. The window and one way privacy film will be like a mirror from the inside!

Unfortunately, in the evening, curtains or blinds

At night, when the film becomes transparent from the street and mirrored from the inside, curtains or blinds are lowered.

Privacy window film one way is an opportunity to keep the curtains open during the day and see what is happening outside the window.

If there is a need to look outside at night, raise the curtains and turn off the lights inside. When the lights are off inside, you can see through the window one way privacy film what is happening on the street in the evening. See the section on similar properties privacy mirror window film.

Requires privacy film day and night and unlimited. See frosted privacy films.

Is the film pasted on the inside or the same effect on the outside?

One way window privacy film can be pasted on the inside or on the outside. The effect will be the same! Mirror films work towards more light.

All films have an adhesive layer and are adhesive privacy films. We offer to choose and order custom cut window privacy film.

Window privacy film one way 10% or 20%

The degree of protection of window film privacy one way depends on the degree of darkening of the film. The darker the film, the greater the mirror effect. But remember that a dark film can deprive the room of natural light and make it dark. The darkest is 10%, the lightest is 35%

  • The most popular are 20%. For example, Strata 20 or outdoor film Strata Ex 20. Or bronze-colored film Bronze Ex 20. These films give a clean mirror image and reliably protect from prying eyes during the daytime. Additional properties of these window film privacy one way are excellent protection from heat, bright sun.
  • Semi-mirror film Strata 35 and exterior film Strata Ex 35. Chose for windows of apartments and private houses with small windows. These films give a slight mirror effect (see photos in the product card), but keep the light in the room.
  • Very dark Strata 10. This film is very rarely chosen for apartments, private houses and offices. They are very dark, let in only 10% of the light and darken the room very much!!!

What is the difference between films from other manufacturers?

Window film privacy one way different manufacturers differ in their appearance and quality. For some manufacturers, these films are more scarlet, for others they are a little hazy. Glass with such a film does not externally create the appearance of a washed window, but visibility through the glass as if in a fog.

All photos of film for windows in the product cards are 100% consistent with the product being sold and taken in real situations!! Before making your final choice, check out all the types of privacy films for windows and their properties.

Additional sections with privacy films of different effects

  • white privacy window film - for different occasions
  • blackout privacy film for windows - black, white and mirror films

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