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Choose and order sun control film at a great price

We offer sun control window film at a competitive price, along with free installation tools and custom cutting according to customer dimensions. The VLT (Visible Light Transmission) ranges from 20% to 30%, and the film is available in bronze and silver colors. The minimum price for a piece is $4.

We provide courier delivery through FedEx across all states and addresses within the US, as well as to international destinations.

Sun control window film is an effective solution for reducing heat, blocking harmful UV rays, and improving energy efficiency in both residential and commercial buildings.

If you're considering installing window film, it's important to understand the factors that influence pricing. In our article buy window tint film, you can find detailed information about our pricing offers for other types of films.

Where can i buy sun control window film?

Find out the cost of your order without registration. Select the film, enter the measurements in inches, and discover the price of the sun control window film for your window. No registration or personal information is required for this process.

Registration will only be necessary when placing the order. You can obtain the exact cost of your order and the sun control window film without registration. The total cost is provided without additional fees or hidden charges.

We offer our customers to choose and order sun protection films at a favorable price.

We recommend the most popular films.

  1. Strata 10% - the most effective and darkest silver-colored sunscreen film.
  2. Strata 20% - mirror sunscreen film
  3. Strata 35% - light silver-colored sunscreen film
  4. Gold L 40% - light gold-colored sunscreen film.

Films for outdoor installation

  1. Strata Ex 20- mirrored sun protection film for outdoor installation
  2. Strata Ex 35 - light silver film for outdoor installation 35% light transmission
  3. Bronze EX 20 - bronze colored sun protection window film with light transmittance of 20%.
  4. Bronze EX 35 - light bronze colored window film for exterior use

Exterior window films are more expensive to manufacture, resulting in a higher cost. You can find detailed information about the properties and characteristics of exterior solar window film in the corresponding section of our website.

On our website, we offer the widest range and most comprehensive service for sun protection films to our customers. You have the opportunity to order custom size window film and receive window tint tools as a gift.

Sun control film-what affects the price

One of the primary factors that impact sun control window film prices is its quality and performance. High-quality films with advanced heat rejection capabilities and superior UV protection tend to be more expensive. These films often come with additional features like glare reduction, privacy enhancement, and even decorative options, which can also influence the price.

Model: Bronze Ex 20
Select and order online Bronze EX 20 - outer film bronze color 20%Buy Bronze EX 20 - free cutting of bronze mirror films for windows. + tool and mounting solution in each order for free. Bronze Mirror Window Film with shipping anywhere in the US.Order Mirror Film for Bronze GlassThe film darkens sun..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Bronze Ex 35
Buy Bronze EX 35 - Semi-Mirror Light Tint Film 35Select and order Bronze AT 35 EX bronze semi-mirror window 35 tint film. Free cutting to customer's size. Minimum cost $4, delivery throughout the US.Order non-dark bronze mirror tint film 35 percentVery effective, protects from solar heat by 60%..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Excellence Gold 60
Excellence Gold 60..
Ex Tax:$5.51
Model: Strata 20%-20 " x1 ft
Buy mirror window film 20" wide - price from $2.53Buy 20" wide mirror film - price $2.53 per linear foot. + Free tool and mounting solution with every order. Delivery by FedEx couriers to all US addresses. We offer to choose and buy online window mirror film of different widths.Strata 20% - universa..
Ex Tax:$2.53
Model: Strata 20%-40 " x1 ft
Buy mirror window film 40 inches wide - price from $5.02Buy 40" wide mirror film - price $5.02 per linear foot + free tool and mounting solution with every order for free. Shipping by FedEx courier to all US addresses. We offer to choose and buy window mirror film of different widths online.Strata 2..
Ex Tax:$5.02
Model: Strata 20% Сut to size
Buy silver mirror window film Strata 20 - price from 2$Choose and buy Strata 20% mirror film. Free cutting according to customer's size + free tool. Free shipping to anywhere in the US with the purchase of Mirror Window Film.Free cutting of film according to customer's dimensionsPrecise cutting acco..
Ex Tax:$3.72
Model: Strata 35
Order Strata 35% window film at a great priceBuy mirror film 35% + tool + mounting solution as a gift. Free cutting to customer's size. Select and order online Strata 35% window mirror film for interior installation. Light reflective film with 65% light transmission and 60% solar heat reflection. No..
Ex Tax:$3.70
Model: Strata Ex 20
Strata Ex 20-Mirror film 20% - for outdoor installation - by size..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Strata Ex 35
Strata Ex 35-Mirror film 35% - for outdoor installation - by size..
Ex Tax:$4.60
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