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Window tint tool kit

Window tint tools kit for convenient and fast work

We add a window tint tool kit to each order as a gift. Order window film from us and get a free tint tool kit and mounting solution.

Window film installation kit is an advantageous opportunity to get all the necessary tools for film installation at once. All proposed tools are designed for reusable use. The tool is designed specifically for working with window films and meets all the high requirements of professionals.

Bonus - we add to each order

Depending on the size of the order, we add one of two sets of tools

Window tinting tools kit - what's included

If it is necessary to install sufficient volume, it is advisable to have the following tool 

  • Blades for pre-cleaning the surface
  • distillation with a handle (for removing the mounting solution and smoothing the film)
  • small forcing for finishing edges
  • cutting knife -
  • mounting solution - be sure to use it, otherwise the film will be with bubbles

More information about tool kits can be found in the window tinting tools section.

Minimal window tint tools kit

  • small squeegee
  • glass cleaning blade before installation
  • mounting solution concentrate

You can always buy an extra tool

Model: Free window tint tool kit
Large Tool Kit Included with Every Window Film OrderWith each order, we automatically include glass tinting tools. For larger orders, we add a comprehensive tool kit and mounting concentrate. Utilizing specialized tools ensures the fastest and highest quality window tinting process.Please NoteAt our..
Ex Tax:$0.00
Model: Small window tint tool kit - Get for Free
Small Tool Kit - 3M Squeegee PA-1 + Mounting ConcentrateWith every order, we include the necessary tools and a mounting concentrate, tailored to the size of your purchase. For smaller orders, we add a compact tool set.Free and Precise Custom Cutting ServiceWe offer complimentary custom cutting for w..
Ex Tax:$0.00
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