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Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film
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  • Model: Strata EX 35
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Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film -For External Use

Introducing the Strata EX 35 semi-mirrored sun protection film, an advanced solution perfectly blending aesthetic elegance with functional efficiency. This product is a top choice for enhancing spaces with a window treatment that offers a harmonious mix of visual appeal, privacy, and environmental control.

Enhanced Privacy with One-Way Visibility

A standout feature of the Strata EX 35 is its semi-mirrored effect, which provides a one-way visibility. This ensures privacy while maintaining a clear view from the inside. It's an ideal solution for spaces requiring a balance between discreetness and external visibility, making it perfect for both residential and commercial applications. Explore further details in the section dedicated to one-way reflective films.

Custom Cut to Fit Your Requirements – Dimensions in Inches

Understanding the uniqueness of each window, we offer custom cutting services for the Strata EX 35.

 Provide your window dimensions in inches, such as 26 18/32" x 38 14/32", and we will supply you with precisely cut film pieces, ready for easy installation. 

Starting at a competitive price of $2.5 per square inch piece, this customizable solution ensures a perfect fit for your specific needs.

Note! We also offer an alternative version of this film for interior installation. Please check out the Strata 35 product page.

Superior Sunlight and Heat Reflection

Engineered to counter the sun's intense effects, the Strata EX 35 reflects 70% of solar heat and 64% of sunlight. This significant reduction in glare and heat buildup contributes to a more comfortable and energy-efficient environment, making it a superb choice for maintaining cool and comfortable spaces while reducing reliance on artificial cooling. For more information, refer to the section on exterior heat solar films.

The Strata EX 35 for smaller to medium-sized windows

The Strata EX 35 is ideally suited for smaller to medium-sized windows, particularly for those who prefer not to overly darken their spaces. This film provides a milder darkening effect compared to its darker variants, making it a perfect middle ground. It offers enough tint to ensure privacy and reduce glare, while still allowing ample natural light. 

This makes the Strata EX 35 an excellent choice for those seeking a balance between light filtration and maintaining a bright, airy feel in their space. For more insights into its balanced light control and aesthetic appeal, you can explore the mirror tint film section on our website.

For expansive window areas, it's common to opt for films with a deeper tint. A prime example is the Strata EX 20, which boasts a 20% reflective surface, ideal for outdoor settings. Another great option for such applications is the Bronze EX 20, offering a mirrored finish with a distinctive bronze tone.

To explore a wider range of options for external window films and to understand their unique characteristics, be sure to visit our section dedicated to exterior window films

Effortless, Self-Adhesive Installation

Designed for effortless setup, this film boasts a self-adhesive backing that effortlessly adheres using a mounting solution, guaranteeing a sleek, durable placement on external windows. This straightforward installation method is ideal for DIY aficionados and professional installers alike.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Protective Coating: 2H hardness for durability and resistance.
  • Application: Designed for outdoor use.
  • Installation Technology: Self-adhesive, requiring a mounting solution.
  • Solar Energy Reflection: Reflects 80% of solar energy.
  • Darkening Effect: 75% dimming effect for reduced glare and enhanced privacy.
  • UV Protection: Blocks 99% of UV rays.

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