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Privacy and Security Policy for Window Films Online Shop 1

The rules for keeping your personal info safe when you buy stuff or use the online store at

The people who run (we'll call them the Administration) really care about the privacy of everyone who visits and uses their site. They promise to keep your personal info safe.

For everyone who visits or uses the site:

 If you put your info on, you're okay with the Administration using this info. They use your info to make their service better and more personal for you.

When you give your contact details, it means you're cool with the Administration getting in touch. They might contact you to finish an incomplete order or suggest a better deal.

1.Contact Information: 

The Administration might use your contact details to:

  • Talk to you about your orders.
  • Send updates about your orders, payments, or delivery.
  • Ask for your okay on certain things related to the site.

The Administration also looks at how people use to make the site better.


The Administration makes sure your payment is super safe. They handle your payment info with really secure servers. These servers are specially designed to keep payment info safe.

3.What You Can't Do: 

If you're on, don't:

  • Use any tricks or software to mess with the site.
  • Try to get personal info about other users, unless you're using official software that the Administration says is okay.

The Administration can change the privacy rules to make sure their online store stays top-notch.

If you ever want to stop the Administration from storing and using your info, just let them know. They'll delete your info from the site in 5 days after they get your request.

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