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Mirror window film

Mirror Window Film

Dive into our diverse selection of mirror window film, available in silver, bronze, and the pure mirror effect. We proudly feature tinting with various levels of reflectivity and tinting from the lightest shades to the darkest, as well as films with a completely mirror-like, opaque appear.

Our collection includes mirrored tint films suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Explore our comprehensive product descriptions, which range from the very dark at 10% to semi-reflective at 35%. Mirrored window film is our top-selling item online, highlighting our specialization in this domain.

What You Need to Know:

Mirror window film is a self-adhesive polyester sheet. Once applied to glass, it emanates a distinct mirrored effect. Here are some unique and invaluable features of this category:

  • Privacy: This film offers a one-way visibility feature. From the outside, the window appears mirrored, but from the inside, the view remains clear. Please note that this effect can change depending on the time of day.
  • Heat Reflection: Mirror window film reflects solar heat, which can potentially reduce energy costs and enhance indoor comfort.
  • UV Protection: It significantly limits the impact of UV rays, safeguarding interior items from sun-induced wear and tear.
  • Glare Reduction: Protects against strong sunlight and associated glare.

Mirrored window films are immensely popular for residential windows and also find applications in public and commercial buildings.

How Does Mirror Window Film Work?

The principle is based on physics! This tinting is designed to reflect sunlight and ensure privacy. The multilayered structure of the mirrored window film comprises:

  1. The primary layer: Polyester with infused metallic molecules.
  2. An adhesive transparent layer
  3. A transparent protective liner (which should be removed before installation).

The product can have different thicknesses, but its most important property is reflectivity. Different grades may have different reflective intensities.

Warning! We specialize in products that provide a pure, mirror-like reflection, ensuring a high level of reflectivity and maximum effect.

Choosing the right product for your tasks:

  1. Position: Determine whether you need the product for internal or external use. For more details see self adhesive mirror tint film
  2. VLT: represents the percentage of light that the tint transmits, which allows you to distinguish dark from light. See the section VLT Percentage for more details..
  3. Solar Heat Reflection Percentage: A higher value indicates a more effective film.

Shade and Hue: We provide colors like:

  • Silver mirrored film
  • Bronze mirrored window film
  • And the rarer gold mirrored film.

Discover the ideal mirrored window film tailored to your requirements and enhance the look and utility of your spaces!

Mirror Tint Film – Light, Standard, and Dark

Our range of mirror tint films can be broadly categorized based on their level of darkness. We offer:

  1. 10% VLT - Ultra Dark: This is our darkest mirror window tint film, providing a profound mirrored effect.
  2. 20-25% VLT - Standard: This category is notably popular, offering a balanced reflectiveness ideal for various applications.
  3. 30-35% VLT - Light or Semi-Mirrored: that yield a semi-reflective finish.

In simpler terms:

  • The darker the window mirror film, the more solar heat it reflects.
  • A darker tint provides a pronounced mirror effect, while lighter tints offer a semi-mirror finish.
  • Darker films ensure greater privacy, effectively shielding against prying eyes.

VLT 10% - Ultra Dark

  • Strata 10% : Due to its extreme darkness, this is infrequently used, best suited for commercial properties or spaces demanding maximal privacy at the expense of natural light.

20% - Standard

The standard mirrored film for windows (20% or 25% VLT) are the go-to choices for larger and medium-sized windows. They're commonly used for ground-floor windows and police interrogation rooms, where privacy is paramount.

The 20% VLT mirror glass film is a versatile option, suitable for a plethora of scenarios.

30% or 35% - Light or Semi-Mirrored

Mirror film with a VLT of 30% or 35% offer a lighter tint, creating a semi-mirrored effect without significantly darkening the room.

Mirror Window Tint Film & One-Way Effect

The one-way visibility of mirror tinted window film is its defining feature, ensuring privacy by preventing outside view through windows. This is a widely adopted solution for enhancing privacy. However, it's crucial to note that this effect is contingent upon the direction and intensity of light on either side of the glass. Dive deeper into this in our 1-way mirror window film section.

At Your Service!

Our extensive collection of mirror tinting includes many options.

When you shop with us, you receive:

  1. Custom Sizing: Order your mirror window film cut to precise measurements, accurate to 1/32 of an inch.
  2. Complimentary Toolkit: Every order includes a free application tool and mounting concentrate.
  3. Sample Piece: Each order comes with an additional similar fragment of the mirror window tint, aiding in understanding the correct installation process for primary pieces.

Choose from a variety of colors and shades tailored to your preferences and needs! Our mirror tint is easy to install, and the included toolkit and concentrate ensure a professional finish.

Mirror effect window film is a multifaceted product, designed to offer an array of benefits for your comfort. From sun protection and privacy enhancement to security and stylistic augmentation, our products cater to all.

Model: Bronze Ex 20
Select and order online Bronze EX 20 - outer film bronze color 20%Buy Bronze EX 20 - free cutting of bronze mirror films for windows. + tool and mounting solution in each order for free. Bronze Mirror Window Film with shipping anywhere in the US.Order Mirror Film for Bronze GlassThe film darkens sun..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Bronze Ex 35
Buy Bronze EX 35 - Semi-Mirror Light Tint Film 35Select and order Bronze AT 35 EX bronze semi-mirror window 35 tint film. Free cutting to customer's size. Minimum cost $4, delivery throughout the US.Order non-dark bronze mirror tint film 35 percentVery effective, protects from solar heat by 60%..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Strata 20%-20 " x1 ft
Buy mirror window film 20" wide - price from $2.53Buy 20" wide mirror film - price $2.53 per linear foot. + Free tool and mounting solution with every order. Delivery by FedEx couriers to all US addresses. We offer to choose and buy online window mirror film of different widths.Strata 20% - universa..
Ex Tax:$2.53
Model: Strata 20%-30 " x1 ft
Buy mirror window film 30 inches wide - price from $3.77Buy mirror film in running feet 30 inches wide. + Free tool and mounting solution with every order. Delivery by FedEx couriers to all US addresses, price per linear ft $3.77. We offer to choose and buy online window mirror film of different wid..
Ex Tax:$3.77
Model: Strata 20%-40 " x1 ft
Buy mirror window film 40 inches wide - price from $5.02Buy 40" wide mirror film - price $5.02 per linear foot + free tool and mounting solution with every order for free. Shipping by FedEx courier to all US addresses. We offer to choose and buy window mirror film of different widths online.Strata 2..
Ex Tax:$5.02
Model: Strata 20% Сut to size
Buy silver mirror window film Strata 20 - price from 2$Choose and buy Strata 20% mirror film. Free cutting according to customer's size + free tool. Free shipping to anywhere in the US with the purchase of Mirror Window Film.Free cutting of film according to customer's dimensionsPrecise cutting acco..
Ex Tax:$3.72
Model: Strata 35
Order Strata 35% window film at a great priceBuy mirror film 35% + tool + mounting solution as a gift. Free cutting to customer's size. Select and order online Strata 35% window mirror film for interior installation. Light reflective film with 65% light transmission and 60% solar heat reflection. No..
Ex Tax:$3.70
Model: Strata Ex 20
Strata Ex 20-Mirror film 20% - for outdoor installation - by size..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Strata Ex 35
Strata Ex 35-Mirror film 35% - for outdoor installation - by size..
Ex Tax:$4.60
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