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Small window tint tool kit - Get for Free
Small window tint tool kit - Get for Free
Small window tint tool kit - Get for Free
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  • Model: Small window tint tool kit - Get for Free
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Small Tool Kit - 3M Squeegee PA-1 + Mounting Concentrate

With every order, we include the necessary tools and a mounting concentrate, tailored to the size of your purchase. For smaller orders, we add a compact tool set.

Free and Precise Custom Cutting Service

We offer complimentary custom cutting for window tinting films. Select your window film, enter the dimensions in whole and fractional inches, and receive ready-to-install pieces. Opting for pre-cut window film saves you both time and money on trimming.

Contents of the Small Tool Kit

  • 3M Squeegee PA-1, 4 inches wide. This squeegee ensures an even application of the film across surfaces without causing scratches.
  • Mounting concentrate - Dilute in water, using about 1 gallon of liquid. This mounting solution is not an adhesive but rather prevents the film from immediately sticking, allowing for the smooth removal of air bubbles and wrinkles.

Be sure to use the tool and mounting concentrate provided. For larger orders, we include a comprehensive set of accessories for window film installation, which is especially convenient for working with numerous pieces.

Explore our full range of tools in the tint tools section, and learn more about our special offer in the free window film installation tools section.

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