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20 tint

Discover our range of 20% window tint for buildings and vehicles. Over 15 options for various needs. delivery across the US. 20 percent tint is a window film with a 20% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) rating. This means it allows 20% of visible light to pass through while blocking 80%. This solution offers excellent sun protection without making the glass completely opaque.

It's a popular choice and strikes a balance between darkness and protection from the sun and prying eyes. For a detailed description of products and features, please see the tint for window section of our website.

Advantages of 20 percent window tint

A highly popular tinting option that offers great effectiveness without being overly dark.

  • Sun Protection: This film reflects sunlight, helping to reduce the temperature inside your vehicle or building.
  • UV Protection: It effectively blocks harmful UV rays, which can be detrimental to health.
  • Privacy: Provides privacy by concealing the interior of your vehicle or space.

We offer our customers a selection of 20 window tint options for buildings:

  • Strata 20 tint -a versatile mirrored film with sun protection.
  • Strata Ex 20 window tint -silver mirrored film designed for external use on windows.
  • Bronze Ex 20: -bronze-colored mirrored film for outdoor applications.

How to Install 20 Percent Tint?

Like all self-adhesive films, installing 20% tint requires a specific technique. You'll need a mounting solution and specialized tools. Please follow the installation instructions and recommendations carefully.

Lighter Options:

If 20 percent tint doesn't suit your needs or feels too dark, explore lighter alternatives. Check out the following sections on our website:

Darker Alternatives:

We also offer darker tinting options beyond 20 percent window tint.

  • 10 window tint -darker films for those seeking increased shading.

For additional information, please refer to our tint levels section and selection recommendations.

20 percent window tint is an excellent choice for those looking to protect their vehicle or space from the sun and UV rays. It provides good visibility without creating a sense of complete darkness.

Model: Bronze Ex 20
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Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Strata 20%-20 " x1 ft
Strata 20% - Width 20 InchesIntroducing the Strata 20% mirror film, a compact solution for small windows and glass panels. At just 20 inches in width, this film is specially designed for tight spaces, offering the same high-quality protection as its larger counterparts. It effectively blocks 75..
Ex Tax:$2.53
Model: Strata 20%-30 " x1 ft
Buy Strata 20% mirror window films - Width 30 InchThe Strata 20% mirror film, at a width of 30 inches, strikes the perfect balance between coverage and adaptability. Fashioned for mid-sized apertures, this veneer finds favor in both domiciliary and mercantile environments. Its utility transcends mer..
Ex Tax:$3.77
Model: Strata 20%-40 " x1 ft
Buy Strata 20% Mirror Window Films - Width 40 InchThe Strata 20% mirror film with a 40-inch width is an ideal choice for expansive windows and glass surfaces. This variant is especially suitable for large, floor-to-ceiling windows or spaces with several large windows, such as in modern homes or offi..
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Model: Strata 20% Сut to size
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Model: Strata Ex 20
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Ex Tax:$4.60
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