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Exterior solar window film

Exterior Solar Window Film

Exterior solar window film enhances your exterior. Our films allow 20% and 35% light transmittance. Moreover, with every purchase, you'll receive a complimentary tool! We provide these films in radiant bronze and sleek silver shades, specifically tailored for external application.

Exterior solar window film and other solar control window films are an asset to any venue. They proffer a gamut of benefits including energy conservation, UV defense, and mitigation of glare. Yet, it's imperative to discern the distinction between films intended for external versus internal application.

Why Choose Exterior Heat Solar Film?

What makes this method of window treatment stand out? Or why is the external solar film more efficacious? Solar tints are adept at reflecting a substantial amount of heat, but they induce a slight heating of the glass. When applied externally, this heating is limited to the outside pane. However, if placed internally, it can slightly heat the inner pane. For those aiming for the pinnacle of solar heat reflection and have the feasibility of an external application, the exterior window film is the go-to choice.

Unique Features of This Film Type:

  • Premium price point.
  • Shorter lifespan due to weather and climatic impacts. Exterior tints last around 4+ years, while interior tints can endure 9+ years, sometimes even 12 years
  • Intricate installation, largely weather-dependent.

For a deeper understanding of the nuances of external tint films and guidance on selections, continue reading

Exterior Window Film Heat in Varied Shades

  • Strata Ex 20: A reflective sun protection designed for external application.
  • Strata Ex 35: A light silver for outdoor use, allowing 35% light penetration.
  • Bronze EX 20: Standard tint with 20% light transmittance in a bronze shade.
  • Bronze EX 35: A light bronze tint ideal for external coating.

Choosing between darker and lighter shades requires informed decision-making. For comprehensive insights, navigate to the solar control window film section on our website. Explore the sun control film price segment to understand our offerings better.

Outdoor Solar Control Window Film

Formulated specifically to counter challenges like direct sunlight, high temperatures, and adverse weather, outdoor solar control films are typically affixed to the exterior of windows.

Solar shades and window tinting play a pivotal role in shielding buildings from excessive heat and the sun's intense glare. Their primary function is not just about blocking sunlight; it's about enhancing energy efficiency and ensuring a comfortable living environment for the occupants. Of all the available options, solar shades and outdoor window films stand out as the most efficient in heat blockage, meriting special recognition

Crafted meticulously, these covers repel a significant chunk of the sun's heat and infrared emissions, resulting in a pleasantly cool indoor ambience. Additionally, they curtail UV ray intrusion, guarding the interiors, be it furniture, flooring, or other elements, against fading. With solar tint incorporated into their design, they also ensure reduced glare for comfortable viewing. The solar protection film not only enhances privacy but also serves as an eco-friendly solution to energy consumption, reducing the need for constant air conditioning.

Model: Bronze Ex 20
Select and order online Bronze EX 20 - outer film bronze color 20%Buy Bronze EX 20 - free cutting of bronze mirror films for windows. + tool and mounting solution in each order for free. Bronze Mirror Window Film with shipping anywhere in the US.Order Mirror Film for Bronze GlassThe film darkens sun..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Bronze Ex 35
Buy Bronze EX 35 - Semi-Mirror Light Tint Film 35Select and order Bronze AT 35 EX bronze semi-mirror window 35 tint film. Free cutting to customer's size. Minimum cost $4, delivery throughout the US.Order non-dark bronze mirror tint film 35 percentVery effective, protects from solar heat by 60%..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Strata Ex 20
Strata Ex 20-Mirror film 20% - for outdoor installation - by size..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Strata Ex 35
Strata Ex 35-Mirror film 35% - for outdoor installation - by size..
Ex Tax:$4.60
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