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Silver reflective film

Silver reflective window film

Silver reflective window film - choose and order online, only high-quality window films - Clear as a mirror reflection. Silver reflective window film is a versatile and practical product that offers a multitude of benefits. From increased privacy and glare reduction to UV protection and energy efficiency, this film enhances the comfort, safety, and aesthetics of your living or working spaces. Browse our selection and enjoy the exceptional quality of our silver reflective window films.

How Does Silver Reflective Window Film Work?

Silver reflective window film works by employing advanced technology to reflect a significant portion of the sun's heat and light. The film is designed with a micro-thin layer of metalized particles, primarily silver, which are embedded within a polyester film. 

This construction allows the film to reflect the solar energy back towards the source, rather than allowing it to penetrate the glass and heat up the interior space.

The silver particles in the film act as a mirror, reflecting the sun's rays away from the window. This mirrored window film effect not only reduces heat, but also eliminates glare, allowing you to enjoy natural light without discomfort. The film also provides privacy during the day, as it creates a reflective surface on the exterior side of the window, preventing outsiders from seeing inside.

VLT% - the most important indicator 

VLT (Visible Light Transmission) is the measure of how much light the film allows to pass through. This indicator is represented in percentages, indicating the amount of light the film transmits. The lower the number, the darker the film. For example, a silver reflective window film with 10% VLT will be darker than a film with 20% VLT.

We offer silver reflective film - as clear as a mirror

We proudly claim to have the most comprehensive range of silver reflective window films with different levels of visible light transmission (VLT). You can browse and order from our selection.

Films for interior installation

  1. Strata 10% - the darkest and most silver of all films. 
  2. Strata 20% - the most popular silver reflective window film
  3. Strata 35% - light or semi-silver light silver reflective window film.

Films for outdoor installation

  1. Strata Ex 20- mirrored sun protection film for outdoor installation.
  2. Strata Ex 35 - light silver colored outdoor film with 35% light transmission

You can learn more about exterior reflective window films and their effectiveness in the exterior reflective window tint film section. This will help you make the best choice.

It may also make sense to look at bronze films. These films are similar in their properties but have a bronze tint.

The most important and main advantages

We can highlight 4 most important advantages of this type of films.

  1. Privacy Protection: Silver reflective window film offers enhanced privacy by creating a one-way mirror effect. Enjoy a higher level of seclusion during the day while being able to see outside, while preventing others from seeing in. Ideal for buildings in busy areas or with windows facing neighbors or public spaces
  2. Solar Heat Reduction: Silver reflective window film reduces solar heat gain, keeping interiors cool and comfortable. This reduces the need for air conditioning, resulting in lower energy consumption and cost savings.
  3. UV Protection: Silver reflective window film blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, preserving the longevity and vibrancy of your interior decor while safeguarding your health and belongings.
  4. Glare Reduction: Silver reflective window film reduces excessive glare, creating a visually comfortable environment for work, leisure, and relaxation.

Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, investing in reflective window film is a wise choice that yields long-term advantages.

We offer a wide range of special window films. Possibility to order custom size window film and receive window tint tools as a gift.

Model: Strata 20%-20 " x1 ft
Strata 20% - Width 20 InchesIntroducing the Strata 20% mirror film, a compact solution for small windows and glass panels. At just 20 inches in width, this film is specially designed for tight spaces, offering the same high-quality protection as its larger counterparts. It effectively blocks 75..
Ex Tax:$2.53
Model: Strata 20%-30 " x1 ft
Buy Strata 20% mirror window films - Width 30 InchThe Strata 20% mirror film, at a width of 30 inches, strikes the perfect balance between coverage and adaptability. Fashioned for mid-sized apertures, this veneer finds favor in both domiciliary and mercantile environments. Its utility transcends mer..
Ex Tax:$3.77
Model: Strata 20%-40 " x1 ft
Buy Strata 20% Mirror Window Films - Width 40 InchThe Strata 20% mirror film with a 40-inch width is an ideal choice for expansive windows and glass surfaces. This variant is especially suitable for large, floor-to-ceiling windows or spaces with several large windows, such as in modern homes or offi..
Ex Tax:$5.02
Model: Strata 20% Сut to size
Buy silver mirror film Strata 20Embark on a Journey of Sophistication with Strata 20 Silver Mirror Window Film - Starting at Just $2! Offering free delivery across the USA, this premium film is tailored to your exact window measurements, ensuring a perfect match and effortless elegance.Precisely Tai..
Ex Tax:$3.72
Model: Strata 35
Order Strata 35% window film at a great priceBuy mirror film 35% + tool + mounting solution as a gift. Free cutting to customer's size. Select and order online Strata 35% window mirror film for interior installation. Light reflective film with 65% light transmission and 60% solar heat reflection. No..
Ex Tax:$3.70
Model: Strata EX 35
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film -For External UseIntroducing the Strata EX 35 semi-mirrored sun protection film, an advanced solution perfectly blending aesthetic elegance with functional efficiency. This product is a top choice for enhancing spaces with a window treatment that offers a harmonious m..
Ex Tax:$4.60
Model: Strata Ex 20
Strata EX 20 -Exterior Mirror FilmEnhance Your Space with Strata EX 20 Step up your exterior design with the Strata EX 20 Mirror Film. This silver-toned mirror film is more than an aesthetic addition; it's a functional asset for any outdoor area. Offering a range of features from enhancing privacy t..
Ex Tax:$4.60
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