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Striped window film

Striped window film

Striped window film is increasingly favoured for its unique ability to harmonise privacy with the influx of natural light. This innovative product, while ensuring seclusion, allows the passage of light from both sides. Its dual functionality makes it a sought-after decorative element that doesn't compromise room brightness.

Flexibility in Design and Application

The adaptability of striped window films in decorating windows and glass surfaces is noteworthy. These films can be aligned horizontally or vertically, a choice that not only retains the influx of natural illumination but also enhances the comfort of any living or working space.

These films find their application in various environments where a degree of semi-privacy is essential, including:

  • Office glass partitions
  • Domestic room dividers
  • Residential external windows
  • Healthcare institutions

A key benefit of these films is their capacity to provide a sense of privacy without disconnecting the interior from the external environment, thus avoiding feelings of total seclusion.

Striped Films vs One-Way Tinted Films

Contrary to one-way tinted films that predominantly offer privacy in daylight, striped frosted glass film extend this privacy feature into the night.

Various Widths of Striped Privacy Window Film

Our selection of striped privacy window films features predefined designs. Options include matte stripes of various widths, ranging from wide, medium, to narrow. The space between stripes varies across different film types, with detailed information available in our product listings.

Striped frosted window film 

The frosted striped window films in our collection, with their diverse stripe widths, offer a nuanced balance between obscuring and allowing visibility. To peer through these decorative films, one must approach the glass closely. They bear a resemblance in function to certain frost film models.

In our digital storefront, you can select from various Randig window films, differentiated by their transparency levels based on pattern density:

  • Deco Stripes 00/45: Decorative privacy film with wide stripes 1 and 3/4 inches wide
  • Deco Stripes 00/33: Privacy window film with medium-width stripes
  • Deco Stripes 00/10: Window film with narrow stripes 3/8 inch wide

Tailored to Your Needs

We always confirm the orientation of the stripes in relation to the edges of the film pieces before completing your order.

These window films are categorised under privacy film for window, perfect for those seeking a balance of privacy and light. For those interested in different designs, our decorative film section offers a wide range of choices.

Selecting the appropriate window film can significantly enhance your space, striking an ideal balance between privacy, luminosity, and aesthetic appeal.

Model: Deco Stripes 00/45
Decorative Film with Wide Stripes 1 and 3/4 Inches We're thrilled to share with you the Deco Stripes 00/45 window tint. It has big stripes as its design. This awesome choice for decorating glass gives you privacy and blocks views you don't want. The stripes are 1 and 3/4 inches wide and are whi..
Ex Tax:$4.16
Model: Deco Stripes 00/10
Sleek Striped Frosted Window Film - Deco Stripes 00/10Elevate your space with the Striped Frosted Window Film 00/10, featuring an elegant design of slim 3/8 inch stripes. Dive into our expansive online collection of window films, where you'll find a variety of stripe patterns and widths to suit any ..
Ex Tax:$4.14
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