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LLumar Automotive Tint

LLumar Automotive Tint

LLumar automotive tint, a premier offering from Eastman Chemical Company, stands as a testament to innovation and quality in the realm of high-performance films. Eastman Chemical Company, a distinguished global leader, specializes in crafting top-tier films for automotive, residential, and commercial applications, with LLumar automotive tint being a prime example of their expertise. 

LLumar Window Tint and Innovations

Our extensive selection of LLumar automotive window tint is celebrated for its use of HPR adhesive, enhancing the product's adhesion and overall performance. This characteristic distinctly sets the window films of this manufacturer apart from the window tint films of other producers.

LLumar tints are engineered to provide unmatched protection against the sun’s harmful rays, significantly reduce heat and glare, and amplify the privacy and security of your vehicle. 

This makes LLumar automotive films a sought-after choice across the USA and beyond, widely used and recommended by professional tinting experts.

The benefits of choosing LLumar include:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The film remains pristine, resisting wear and peeling.
  • UV Protection: It prevents interior fading by blocking harmful UV rays.
  • Optimal Tint Levels: Improves driving safety by reducing glare.
  • Year-Round Comfort: Lowers the need for air conditioning, reducing fuel consumption.
  • Safety: In the event of an accident, it prevents glass from shattering and causing injury.

Types of LLumar Automotive Window Film

Our online store boasts a vast assortment of LLumar automotive window films, including several series with unique characteristics tailored for automotive glass installation. LLumar’s product range includes:

  • LLumar ATC Series: A dyed film that combines privacy with UV protection at an economical price.
  • LLumar ATR Series: Features an additional metallic layer to enhance efficiency. This layer increases solar reflection, keeping the vehicle's interior cooler and blocking UV rays.
  • LLumar AIR Series: Transparent and colorless tint films for vehicles, including options with slight shading. Utilizes advanced technology to protect against solar heat and UV radiation.

We maintain a large inventory of LLumar automotive window film, with a wide variety of light transmission levels available, including VLT 5%, VLT 15%, VLT 20%, and VLT 30%.

For more detailed information, explore our sections on LLumar window tint pricing or learn more about the benefits and features of LLumar window films.

Brand: LLumar Model: LLumar ATR 05 Metallic Car Film
LLumar ATR 05 Metallic Car Window Tint FilmThe ATR series of window tint films was developed to achieve even better performance in terms of solar energy reduction, ensuring an enhanced level of comfort for car travelers. The use of high-quality polyester in the production of the film has resulted in..
Ex Tax:$20.00
Brand: LLumar Model: LLumar ATR 20-Metallic
Buy - LLumar ATR 20% VLT Automotive Window Film, MetallicThe LLumar ATR series automotive window tint film, with a 20% visible light transmission, represents a mid-range option within the full spectrum of Llumar ATR window tinting films. It offers a moderate level of privacy once applied to the wind..
Ex Tax:$20.00
Brand: LLumar Model: LLumar ATR 15% Metallic
Buy LLumar ATR 15% VLT Metalized Tint FilmThe LLumar ATR series 15% Visible Light Transmission (VLT) automotive window tint is the most popular choice within this range. Once applied, it ensures a high level of privacy in your vehicle. From the outside, only the silhouette of the person sitting in t..
Ex Tax:$20.00
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