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Tinting tools kit

Tinting tools kit - complete kit for tinting

Tinting tools kit - get a complete kit for working with window films. Large or small kit with a complete set of tools for DIY window film work.

Tinting tools kit - professional tool as a gift

We offer a variety of packages to our clients. Depending on the size of the order, you can get tint tools kit

The kit is added to each order for free, the size of the tint tool kit depends on the size of the order.

Different kits for different films

The tool for working with films differs in its rigidity and purpose. For tinting car windows, this is one tool; for tinting windows in buildings, you need to use another tool. The content of tint tools kits depends on the purpose

  • window tint tools - tool for flat glasses
  • automotive tool set - a tool for working with automotive films

For more details, see the description and purpose of the tool in the window tint tools section. We offer the tool separately

  • window tinting squeegees - assembled a tool of different hardness for different films
  • 3m squeegee is a versatile tool and the most common
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