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A Window Film Fragment in Every Order

Every customer of our online window film store receives an extra bonus: a free fragment of a similar window film with every order. We understand the needs of our customers and have decided to offer this additional support to simplify the process of installing window film.

An Additional Fragment in Every Order

Our clients can:

  • Attempt to remove the protective liner from the window film.
  • Feel the texture of the film without worrying about damaging or creasing it.
  • Test the installation tools.
  • Observe how the window film adheres to the glass surface.

This provides an extra chance to practice the full installation process of window film on a smaller fragment without risking damage to the main product.

Key Benefits When Ordering on Our Site

Will I Automatically Receive a Free Fragment?

When you place an order, an additional fragment is automatically added to your cart. Furthermore, the free window film fragment is listed on the order sheet and its availability is verified when the order is processed.

All Window Film Categories We have leftover pieces when processing orders and cutting window tint. These fragments are repurposed and included in orders.

A product is added to the shopping cart - a free fragment of window film.

Main Categories for Selection

Unsure Where to Start? Here's where - window tint film, featuring a comprehensive description of features and properties.

Model: Free additional piece
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Model: Free window tint tool kit
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Model: Small window tint tool kit - Get for Free
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