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Tint percent

Tint percent

When it comes to selecting the ideal window tint, understanding terms like "tint percent," "window tint grades," "VLT percentage," and "tint levels" is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the realm of window tinting, clarifying these concepts and assisting you in making an informed choice.

Unveiling Tint Percent

Tint percent is measured in percentages. VLT, or Visible Light Transmission, is a pivotal element of window tinting. The VLT percentage represents the amount of visible light that can penetrate tinted windows. A lower VLT percentage corresponds to darker tints, reducing the amount of light entering your vehicle. This not only enhances privacy but also minimizes glare and heat inside your car.

VLT Light vs. VLT Tint

VLT light refers to the visible light allowed into the vehicle through tinted windows, while window tint percent pertains to the darkness of the window film. The lower the tint percent, the darker the tint, providing more shade and comfort.

The Darkest and the Lightest tint percent

Window tint grades categorize the darkness levels and light transmission capabilities of tint. These grades typically span from 5% tint percent to 70%, with 5% being the darkest and 70% the lightest. For exceptionally light tints, there are even options like 80% and even 100%. Depending on your preferences and local regulations, you can select a tint grade that suits your needs.

Tint Levels - A Guided Classification

We offer a suggested classification system. It's essential to recognize that tint preferences are highly individual and should consider window size and desired effects. We present five primary tint levels:

  1. Transparent: This film allows 80-90% light transmission, making it nearly invisible on windows.
  2. Very Light: With light transmission percentages ranging from 50% window tint percent to 70%, these films are fairly transparent and provide a subtle shade.
  3. Light: Tints with a 30% to 45% tint level offer decent protection from heat and sunlight while not significantly darkening the space.
  4. Medium or Standard: This level, ranging from 15% tint percent to 25%, is the most popular choice due to its effectiveness.
  5. Very Dark: Tints with a 5% to 10% tint level are extremely dark, blocking a significant portion of sunlight and heat, and can provide substantial privacy.

For more information about the possibilities of glass tint and the characteristics of different types of tint, explore the relevant sections on our website.

Considerations When Choosing Tint Levels

For Building Windows:

  • Consider window size; larger windows can accommodate darker tints, typically VLT 30-40% for medium-sized or smaller windows and 20-25 tint percent for larger ones.
  • Seek a compromise, as the darkest tint offers maximum sun and heat protection but can create a very dark interior during evenings and winters.

For Vehicle Windows:

  • Prioritize adherence to local laws, which vary by state and country, governing the maximum allowable VLT percentage for each window.
  • Reflect on your personal preferences, whether you prefer a darker or lighter tint.

ATTENTION: When calculating, remember that even high-quality glass transmits only 90% of sunlight. Some glass may already have a tint of 18%-20%.

We offer our customers tinting options at various levels:

At Window Films Online Shop #1, we take pride in offering diverse VLT light tinting options that cater to all preferences. Learn more about our offerings in the tint places section. We offer both roll and precut tint options to fit your individual needs.

We provide an excellent solution, including window film adhesive and tools for quick installation.

At Window Films Online Shop #1, we understand that tinting needs vary widely. That's why we offer an extensive range of tint percentages, ensuring you'll find the perfect match for your unique requirements. Whether you're enhancing the aesthetics of your vehicle or optimizing the comfort and energy efficiency of your home or office, we have a solution for you.

Explore Our Selection

Precut Tint: For added convenience, we offer precut tint options tailored to fit specific window sizes and shapes, saving you time and effort during installation.

Installation Tools: Our high-quality installation tools and accessories are designed to make the tinting process as smooth as possible, ensuring professional results.

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