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High reflectivity window film

High reflectivity window film

High reflectivity window film is available for selection and ordering, with detailed descriptions and films available in various colors. Choose from bronze and silver high reflectivity films for a variety of windows.

High reflectivity window film is composed of highly metallized films that incorporate metal molecules in various forms. Typically, the film consists of multiple layers of metals, such as aluminum or silver, which possess excellent reflective properties.

High reflectivity window film -VLT 10% или VLT 20%

Typically, these films are quite dark, with a light transmittance ranging from 10% to 20%. They have a high level of efficiency and provide significant darkening effects. In fact, they offer the highest level of reflection among all reflective films and their counterparts.

The darker the film, the stronger the reflective effect. The darkest films have a Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of 10%. Films with a VLT of 20% will be lighter in comparison.

High reflectivity window film is a popular choice, especially silver reflective window film and similar types. These films have been in production for over 50 years, utilizing a proven technology and offering an affordable price.

Main advantages of high reflectivity film

  • Protection against solar heat
  • UV protection
  • Glare protection

Additional Properties 

Privacy: Some models of these films make windows non-permeable from the outside and have a one-way visibility effect.

One such solution is high reflectivity window film, which offers numerous benefits in terms of energy conservation and comfort. This article explores the concept of high reflectivity window film and its potential for enhancing energy efficiency.

It's important to differentiate and keep in mind that reflective film can be installed on the inside, or you can use exterior reflective window film for external installation.

Every customer can choose and order from us

  1. Strata 10% - the film with the strongest reflection effect. And the darkest!
  2. Strata 20% - standard reflective film in silver color
  3. Strata Ex 20 - film for outdoor use
  4. Bronze EX 20 - reflective film in bronze color.

The most comprehensive service for high reflectivity film 

We offer a wide range of reflective film and the most complete service for our customers. Ability to order custom size window film and receive the necessary tools for window film installation free of charge.

Our window film shop collaborates with FedEx and provides delivery across the entire US territory and far beyond.

Model: Bronze Ex 20
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Model: Bronze Ex 35
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Model: Strata 20%-20 " x1 ft
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Model: Strata 20%-30 " x1 ft
Buy Strata 20% mirror window films - Width 30 InchThe Strata 20% mirror film, at a width of 30 inches, strikes the perfect balance between coverage and adaptability. Fashioned for mid-sized apertures, this veneer finds favor in both domiciliary and mercantile environments. Its utility transcends mer..
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Model: Strata 20%-40 " x1 ft
Buy Strata 20% Mirror Window Films - Width 40 InchThe Strata 20% mirror film with a 40-inch width is an ideal choice for expansive windows and glass surfaces. This variant is especially suitable for large, floor-to-ceiling windows or spaces with several large windows, such as in modern homes or offi..
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Model: Strata 20% Сut to size
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Model: Strata 35
Order Strata 35% window film at a great priceBuy mirror film 35% + tool + mounting solution as a gift. Free cutting to customer's size. Select and order online Strata 35% window mirror film for interior installation. Light reflective film with 65% light transmission and 60% solar heat reflection. No..
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Model: Strata EX 35
Strata EX 35 Semi-Mirrored Film -For External UseIntroducing the Strata EX 35 semi-mirrored sun protection film, an advanced solution perfectly blending aesthetic elegance with functional efficiency. This product is a top choice for enhancing spaces with a window treatment that offers a harmonious m..
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Model: Strata Ex 20
Strata EX 20 -Exterior Mirror FilmEnhance Your Space with Strata EX 20 Step up your exterior design with the Strata EX 20 Mirror Film. This silver-toned mirror film is more than an aesthetic addition; it's a functional asset for any outdoor area. Offering a range of features from enhancing privacy t..
Ex Tax:$4.60
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