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Security film

Security film for windows

Discover our exclusive collection of window security film, meticulously crafted in thicknesses of 8 Mil, 12 Mil, and 16 Mil. Engineered to reinforce your property’s windows and glass surfaces, these films act as a robust barrier against forced entry and break-ins, while maintaining perfect transparency for an unobtrusive yet powerful protection layer

Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications:

  • In residential areas, safeguarding houses, bungalows, and apartment complexes
  • Protecting commercial properties in areas prone to crime
  • Strengthening glass in public venues for enhanced security

Mechanics of Window Security Film Effectiveness:

Enhanced Glass Resilience: The security film for windows significantly increases the difficulty of shattering the glass. While it may exhibit cracks under substantial force, the overall structure remains unbreached, markedly hindering unlawful entry. This type of film adds an essential layer of protection.

Resistance to Force: Continuous striking creates a spiderweb effect rather than total disintegration. The security film for windows’ adhesive properties bind broken glass pieces, effectively blocking any potential breach, thus ensuring an additional safeguard against break-ins.

Optimal Security Film Thickness Selection:

The thickness of the security film plays a crucial role in determining its protective capabilities. Thicker films often equate to heightened security, providing superior resistance against impacts and break-ins. In selecting the appropriate security film, it's important to consider not just the thickness, but also the specific requirements of your environment. 

We recommend carefully choosing based on the dimensions and vulnerability of your glass, ensuring an optimal balance between protection and visibility. The correct application of security film for windows can significantly enhance the safety and integrity of your premises

To gain a deeper understanding of various types of window films, consider exploring the protective window films section of our online store. This comprehensive resource offers detailed insights and an expansive array of options to suit diverse needs.

Distinctive Installation Process of Elite Guard Films:

While they align with traditional window film applications, these specialized films necessitate advanced installation techniques using rigid-edged tools, ensuring an optimal, bubble-free adherence between film and glass.

Security Window Films with Self-Adhesive Properties

The complete selection of protective films for glass that we offer is equipped with an adhesive layer, ensuring their ease of installation. The use of a mounting concentrate and specific tools is required. More information can be found in the self-adhesive window tint film section of our website.

Transparent Discussion about Elite Security Window Films:

  1. Not an Absolute Shield: Security films significantly reduce vulnerability and complicate forced entries but are not an impenetrable defense. They enhance safety but should be part of a comprehensive security strategy.
  2. Resistant, Not Bulletproof: Contrary to some advertising claims, security films are not designed to be bullet-resistant. Demonstrations featuring multi-layered film and gunfire are not reflective of standard usage, and their efficacy in real-world situations may vary.

Your Go-To Online Destination for Security Tinted Films

Explore our extensive online selection of security window tint films in 8 Mil, 12 Mil, and 16 Mil variants. Customize your order to fit any size requirement and have it delivered directly, ready for installation, anywhere in the US and beyond.

Delve into our diverse range of related offerings:

  • Safety film for windows: Amplifies resilience and safeguards against glass splinters.
  • Shatter resistant window film: Strengthens glass with superior defense against shattering.

Model: 12 Mil Security Film
12 Mil Security Window FilmElevate your security and peace of mind with our 12 Mil Security Window Film, a premier choice for comprehensive protection against break-ins, burglaries, and vandalism. Tailored for expansive windows, this film is an essential upgrade for homes, offices, and commercial sp..
Ex Tax:$5.83
Model: 8mil Security and Protection Film
8mil Security Window FilmWe are excited to offer the 8mil security window film, a superior solution for reinforcing your windows and glass against break-ins and damage. Ideal for medium-sized glass surfaces, this film is an essential defense against burglaries and theft. Compliant with P1A strength ..
Ex Tax:$4.79
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