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LLumar ATR 20% VLT-Metallic
LLumar ATR 20% VLT-Metallic
LLumar ATR 20% VLT-Metallic
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  • Model: LLumar ATR 20-Metallic
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Buy - LLumar ATR 20% VLT Automotive Window Film, Metallic

The LLumar ATR series automotive window tint film, with a 20% visible light transmission, represents a mid-range option within the full spectrum of Llumar ATR window tinting films. It offers a moderate level of privacy once applied to the windows. 

The goal behind creating the ATR tinting film series was to make a film that's even better at keeping out the sun's heat, making rides more comfortable. They made this film with top-notch polyester, which means it shrinks less than the films from the ATC series. This is one of the bright examples of translational technologies in LLumar automotive tint.

ATR Series: Sleek Black Metallic Tint

The ATR series films are a type of window tint that has two layers and a metallic coating. They don't act like mirrors, but they do make windows look really cool in deep black. We offer original products and a wide range of LLumar window tint films.

Here's what makes the LLumar ATR series films great for car windows:

  • They're really good at blocking out a lot of the sun's heat,
  • They come with a 10-year warranty from the maker,
  • The ATR 20% shade film cuts down almost half the sun's heat that gets into the car through the windows,
  • They reduce glare and reflections a lot,
  • They block out nearly all harmful UV rays,
  • They make things look clear and sharp,
  • You can choose from five different levels of darkness.

We invite you to select and purchase

You can find this film in sizes of 20 inches, 30 inches, and 40 inches wide. The cost is for each linear foot of film in the size you pick. Check out both the darker and lighter options in this line, like the LLumar ATR 05 or the LLumar ATR 15.

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