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Window film with narrow stripes 3/8 inch wide
Window film with narrow stripes 3/8 inch wide
Window film with narrow stripes 3/8 inch wide
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  • Model: Deco Stripes 00/10
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Sleek Striped Frosted Window Film - Deco Stripes 00/10

Elevate your space with the Striped Frosted Window Film 00/10, featuring an elegant design of slim 3/8 inch stripes. Dive into our expansive online collection of window films, where you'll find a variety of stripe patterns and widths to suit any preference.

This frosted striped film transforms any window into a privacy shield, keeping prying eyes at bay while adding a touch of sophisticated design to your interiors. Perfect for both homes and public spaces, it's the go-to solution for those looking to merge privacy with style.

Shop Striped Frosted Window Film - Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Benefit from our competitive prices on Striped Frosted Window Film, coupled with the ease of receiving pieces precisely tailored to your measurements. Provide us with your dimensions in both whole and fractional inches to avoid the inconvenience of cutting window film on your own

Deco Stripes 00-10: Elegance in Every Stripe

Our window film isn't just about looks; it's packed with features designed to enhance your space:

  • A chic stripe width of 3/8 inch
  • A design of fine, narrow stripes
  • A frosty hue for a touch of elegance
  • Durability against water and moisture

Choosing our narrow-striped decorative window film means embracing a blend of fashion and function. The sleek stripes not only serve as a contemporary decorative touch but also maintain privacy without sacrificing natural light.

For those interested in a bolder look, consider our Deco Stripes 00/45. Explore our complete selection of striped privacy window films to find the perfect match for your windows.

Its standout features? Enhanced aesthetics and practical privacy, all seamlessly integrated into our window tint for your convenience.

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