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4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
4 mil Safety film
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  • Model: 4 mil Safety film
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4 mil Clear Safety Window Film

levate the safety and aesthetics of your environment with our premium Cristal -4 mil Clear Safety Window Film. This top-tier film is expertly designed to reinforce glass surfaces, offering unparalleled protection against breakage and hazardous shards. 

It also serves as a robust barrier against various external threats, including adverse weather and unexpected incidents. Composed of multiple layers of strong polyester, each layer is meticulously bonded using advanced adhesive technology, making this film a pinnacle of safety and innovation.

EN12600 1B1: Ultra-Clear, Strong 4 mil Safety Film

Boasting compliance with the stringent EN12600 1B1 safety standards, the 4 mil Film is an invisible yet powerful protector for your mirrors and windows in homes, businesses, or office settings. Its ultra-clear transparency ensures it remains undetectable while delivering superior protection.

Cristal 4 mil Film: Key Physical Features

The 4 mil window film features a construction of durable, transparent polyester, enhanced with a robust adhesive layer. In the event of glass breakage, this adhesive securely holds the glass fragments together, markedly reducing the risk of injuries.

Durability and Flexibility 

Simple to apply on any flat glass surface or structure, the Cristal -4 mil safety film guarantees a reliable performance for over 9 years. Learn more about its features at our safe films information section.

Ease of Installation 

The film is designed for hassle-free installation, ensuring no bubbling, peeling, matting, or discoloration throughout its use.

Custom Sizing Options 

Customize your Cristal -4 mil Clear Safety Window Film to fit your specific needs. Our store offers tailor-made cuts, providing you with ready-to-use pieces and eliminating extra costs for offcuts. This service is both practical and economical.

Optimal Uses for -4 mil Shatterproof Glass Film

  • Glass partitions and internal door glass for elegant division of spaces.
  • Stylish glass furniture and sleek shower cabins, blending functionality with aesthetics.
  • Safe and durable glass options for children's room windows and play area enclosures.
  • Sophisticated glass balustrades for stairs and balconies, adding a touch of elegance.
  • Mirrors for wardrobes, offering clarity and style.
  • Robust glass structures perfect for porches and conservatories, enhancing outdoor connectivity.

Please note: While this shatterproof glass film is effective against glass shards, it is not designed for anti-burglary purposes. For more robust security solutions, explore our shatterproof glass film

Technical Details:

  • Light Transmission: 87%
  • UV Radiation Reflection: 99%
  • Solar Energy Reflection: 18%
  • Thickness: 4 Mil
  • For Internal Installation
  • Color: Clear
  • Customizable Width in Inches
  • 9-Year Durability

Installation Recommendations

 The Cristal -4 mil film applies like standard window films and features an adhesive layer covered by a clear sheath, which should be removed before installation. To maintain its integrity, avoid folding the film and lay it flat after unpacking for best results.

Browse through our comprehensive collection of window protection films, including the standard, more robust 8 mil security film and the exceptionally thick 12 mil security window film, to improve the safety of your space.

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